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New Blair Witch gameplay footage shows you can pet the dog


What could be scarier than having to protect yourself from supernatural forces of evil in a dark and foreboding forest? Having to also protect your beloved pet dog, of course. Please let the dog survive.

Thanks to new footage from Game Informer, we now have an idea how the upcoming Blair Witch game will work, and most importantly, the bonding techniques you can use to become best buddies with your canine companion.

As revealed in the initial E3 teaser, the game is set in 1996, where the player takes on the role of ex-policeman Ellis to search for a missing kid. The new footage shows Ellis venturing through the forest, where he instructs his dog Bullet to sniff and track scents. You'll also be able to send Bullet to retrieve items from small spaces, and alert you to monsters when they inevitably approach.

There's a bit of depth to your relationship with Bullet, too, as behind-the-scenes relationship mechanics will allow your to strengthen your bond and improve Bullet's skills. You can apparently do this by cooperating with Bullet and listening to his instructions - and, of course, by petting him, although unfortunately you can't do this forever. It's probably for the best, as I would never leave.

Aside from Bullet, the player can also use a walkie-talkie to communicate with the outside world, while the camcorder can play tapes found in the forest. Intriguingly, the camcorder can also be used to solve puzzles: for example, if a tree falls in the forest, you can "rewind" the footage and put the tree back into place in real life. Does it make a sound, though?

Meanwhile, the flashlight (which looks like it'll conk out at inappropriate moments) can also be used to fend off nasty creatures. While we don't yet know whether we'll see the witch herself, players will have to actively fight off her minions, and the flashlight can be used to blind enemies and temporarily fend them off.

Don't bite the Bullet.

If you're not too spooked by all this, check out our interview with the Blair Witch devs, which should help tide you over until the game's release on 30th August for Xbox One and PC. Sounds like it could be an occult classic.

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