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Netflix announces new Tekken anime series

"His quest will lead to the ultimate battle on a global stage..."

Netflix has revealed a new Tekken anime series will premiere later this year.

We don't have any more details about Tekken: Bloodline - there's no information on when, exactly, it will debut later this year, nor how many episodes it will have - but we do now know it focuses on Jin Kazama.

You can check out a trailer for the new show below:

"Jin Kazama learned the family self-defense arts, Kazama-Style Traditional Martial Arts, from his mother at an early age," teases the video description on YouTube. "Even so, he was powerless when a monstrous evil suddenly appeared, destroying everything dear to him, changing his life forever.

"Angry at himself for being unable to stop it, Jin vowed revenge and sought absolute power to exact it. His quest will lead to the ultimate battle on a global stage - The King of Iron Fist Tournament."

In other recent Netflix news, the streaming giant's second Resident Evil adaptation - this one a live-action escapade through New Racoon City starring the Wesker kids - will be coming to the streaming platform on 14th July.

As Matt reported at the time, this is not to be confused with last year's four-episode CGI effort Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, or indeed the non-Netflix-related live-action movie reboot Welcome to Raccoon City, this series - known only as Resident Evil right now - splits its narrative across two timelines, straddling either side of a global apocalypse caused by a deadly virus.

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