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Neil Patrick Harris, Michael Dorn star in Saints Row 4 voice cast

And Nolan North. Obvs.

Saints Row 4's voice talent includes ridge-headed Worf from Star Trek and Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother: aka Michael Dorn and Neil Patrick Harris.

'Because you're Worf it.'

Expendables star Terry Crews, WWE wrestler Rob Van Dam and Keith David (Anderson in Mass Effect) also feature, the latter of whom is playing himself.

For your player character (the President) you can choose one of seven voices, including ubiquitious voice acting stars Troy Baker (Joel from The Last of Us, Booker from BioShock Infinite) and Nolan North (everyone from everything else).

"It's all a little like an unhinged version of inFamous," Martin Robinson wrote in Eurogamer's recent Saints Row 4 preview. "In fact, it's all a little like an unhinged version of Saints Row, which is no small feat in itself."

The full cast list lies below:

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