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NBA 2K23 emphasises "authenticity" in detailed new gameplay breakdown

And there's a "first look" trailer too.

With NBA 2K23's 9th September release date rapidly approaching, publisher 2K has shared a closer look at this latest series instalment's new features - including a new trailer - playing up the concept of "authenticity" across its defensive and offensive tool kit.

It's an extensive list of new features, as detailed in a lengthy new blog post, with 2K saying this year's gameplay changes should "should translate to more wins, and more seamless actions".

On the offensive side of things, there are new gesture combos to the Pro Stick, which 2K says has allowed it to "expand the dunking controls to let you dunk exactly how you want". That includes the addition of a new rim hang control which, on new gen consoles, incorporates physics-based simulated rim hangs.

First Look at NBA 2K23.

Combo gestures are seemingly a major focus this year, also impacting the likes of hop-step, euro-step, and cradle layups, and promising increased opportunities during dribbling. "Learning the speed of your stick throws and the timing of your signature animations is especially important now," says 2K.

Elsewhere, there are new Adrenaline Boosts intended to prevent over-dribbling, five new shot meters, and promises of a "more authentic shooting model" that incorporates special attributes including shot speed, release height, defensive immunity, and timing impact.

And as for adjustments to defensive play, 2K says on-ball defensive movement and body ups have received a major refresh, that shot blocking has been refined, while steals and ball strips are "new and improved".

There's a lot more going on in 2K's lengthy blog post, including talk of AI improvements and a new badge system for new gen consoles, so the full thing is well worth a read. And as for how these changes will ultimately impact the experience, we'll know more when NBA 2K23 launches for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on 9th September.

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NBA 2K23

PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC

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