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Namco doing downloadable kung fu game

Invincible Tiger coming to PSN and Live.

Namco Bandai has unveiled a new game for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network titled Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao.

It's billed as "a highly stylised hand-to-hand action game" and is being developed by Blitz Arcade. You play as Han Tao, a mighty general who is pledged to protect precious artefact the Star of Destiny. Turns out the Evil Overlord has nicked it, which should teach the owners to keep precious artefacts away from people called Evil Overlord.

There's a healthy range of enemies to face and plenty of combos, counter-moves and weapons to try out. You can also perform Zen attacks by filling up a special meter via combos and dodges.

There are both online and offline modes, including Story Mode Co-op, where each stage is a bit harder and you get a shared Zen meter. Endurance Mode sees you battling an endless stream of enemies within a time limit. Plus you can of course post your high scores online.

Namco Bandai has yet to announce a price point or release date for Invincible Tiger.

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