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Namco Bandai offers free tattoos for Tekken fans

Kuma have a go if you think you're hard enough.

Always wanted to have your favourite fighting game etched into your skin with a thrusting ink-filled needle, but just didn't want to pay for the privilege? Namco Bandai understands.

If you're in the vicinity of Frith St Tattoo Studio in Soho tomorrow (that's Friday September 14th, 2012, for the benefit of time travellers) and you just happen to be clutching a copy of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in your hands, you could be one of five fans walking away with a voucher for a free tattoo up to a value of £300. The only restriction: it must be a Tekken tattoo and you must go under the needle within three months.

Not sure how Namco plan on policing this though - maybe they'll send someone round to your house at Christmas and demand you strip naked to reveal Heihachi's scowling face somewhere about your person.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 earned a solid 8/10 when it passed under the Eurogamer spotlight earlier this week. "By broadening the versatility of the tag system while dramatically improving the online functionality, Namco has crafted a new teamwork seminar that builds upon the original in almost all the areas that matter," Matt concluded.

Go on. Make your mother proud and get this permanently inked on your buttocks.

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2

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