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Mythic speeds up WAR levelling

Christmas XP bonus for all players.

Mythic boss Mark Jacobs has sent a Christmas message to Warhammer Online fans and revealed that the developer is going to speed up levelling in the game over the holiday period - starting now.

"We are going to be speeding up the levelling curve in WAR for a few weeks. We're going to increase the rest experience multiplier bonus in a hotfix today as well as reducing the time that it takes you to earn rested XP while logged out of the game, especially in Tiers 3 and 4," said Jacobs.

If you don't understand what that means, try this: "This will result in players' time to level being approximately 10 per cent faster in Tier 2 and 20 per cent faster in Tiers 3 and 4."

He also said some stuff about stopping the game crashing so much, so that's good. Go join the race to the endgame.

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