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MW2 Stimulus Package costs 1200 MSP

Five maps detailed for March DLC.

Infinity Ward has detailed the Modern Warfare 2 "Stimulus Package" downloadable content and said it will cost 1200 Microsoft Points (£10.20 / €14.40).

Stimulus Package consists of five multiplayer maps - three new, two brought back from the original Modern Warfare - and is due out on 30th March.

The new maps are called Bailout, Storm and Salvage. Bailout is a wide map set in an overrun apartment complex with long sight lines. Storm is a series of abandoned warehouses in the midst of a thunderstorm and is good for larger team battles and objective gametypes. Salvage is a smaller, snowy effort in a junkyard.

The two returning maps, meanwhile, are Crash and Overgrown. Crash is an urban map with a downed helicopter, while Overgrown - one of the stars of the original Call of Duty 4 multiplayer beta - is a wide open map suitable for snipers.

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling revealed details of the pack on this week's Major Nelson podcast and said that the returning duo had been spruced up slightly but with no major changes to layout.

Microsoft has previously said that the first two Modern Warfare 2 map packs would be exclusive to Xbox Live, and Eurogamer recently learned that both are exclusive for 30 days.

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