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MultiVersus update stops Velma calling the police on her opponents

They can Scooby-Doo one.

A new update for MultiVersus has been released.

The patch notes for this update detail various hitbox overhaul changes and Gizmo's debut to Warner Bros.' Smash-like brawler.

MultiVersus vs Super Smash Bros Ultimate - The Digital Foundry tech review.

What has caught most people's attention, however, is the news that Velma of Scooby-Doo fame will no longer be calling the police on her opponents.

With this new patch, she will instead now call on her fellow Scooby gang to send her foes packing. In fact, they will be driven off by the Mystery Machine.

You can see Velma's updated move in action below.

Velma calls the Mystery Machine in MultiVersus (via Mr. Alucard).

So, in the words of the internet, Velma is now going to be less of a 'Karen'.

Meanwhile, one Twitter user wrote: "They got tired of Velma calling the cops on LeBron LMFAO."

In addition to this change, MultiVersus' Spectator Mode will now display Team Colours properly and fast settings have been added to support lower-end PCs.

The full patch notes can be found on the MultiVersus site.

Eurogamer recently awarded MultiVersus with a Recommended badge. In his review, Henry called the game a "very pleasant surprise".

"I wasn't entirely convinced by MultiVersus when it leaked. We've seen countless platform fighters challenge Super Smash Bros across the decades, usually falling flat," he wrote.

However, Henry went on to say he'll "gladly admit those initial impressions were wrong. Even as a free-to-play game, that carries the usual monetisation pitfalls, MultiVersus sets itself apart where it matters."

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