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MultiVersus Season One gets new release date

There's Harley long to wait.

Following its recent delay, a new release date for Warner Bros.' Smash-like brawler MultiVersus' first season has been announced.

Welcomely, the new release date is actually really soon. In fact, it is as soon as 15th August.

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This also means that Morty will soon be joining the fray. His arrival to the game will be a little after season one's debut, with the new fighter now coming on 23rd August.

There will also be other content drops throughout the season, with the developer stating that "everything we are bringing to you in Season 1 will not drop on the same day."

It continues to explain: "new modes and content will be spread through the life of the Season. We'll continue to share dates on all the fun things to come!"

If you are yet to have a go at battling out against the likes of Bugs Bunny and Harley Quinn for yourself, here is what Donlan had to say about the game:

"I spent five minutes with MultiVersus over the weekend, which turned into ten minutes and then an hour and then the best part of a morning. MultiVersus is great!"

Elsewhere in the news, a potential feature which allows players to share their battle pass progress may come to MultiVersus in the future.

Current reports state this was potentially going to be included with the game's first season, so this may well be something we see soon.

Meanwhile, for a full rundown on MultiVersus' tier list, check out our guide covering all fighters, from best Assassin to best Bruiser, Mage, Support and Tank, here.

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