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Gears 2 cheaters' Gamerscores wiped

Infinity Ward tackling COD fraudsters too.

Microsoft has wiped the Gamerscores of people cheating at Gears of War 2.

"As part of our regular safety monitoring we have pinpointed a group of players who have unlocked specific Gears of War 2 Achievements through an unauthorized hack," said Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb on his blog.

"Deliberate cheats like these are in direct violation of the Xbox Live Terms of Use and will not be tolerated. As I post this, we've begun taking steps to reset the Gamerscores of the offending players.

"As I have mentioned in the past, this is something we do occasionally to keep the service free of cheating in order to maintain a fair and level playing field for everyone," he added. "If you play fair and earn your achievements without glitching or cheating, you have nothing to worry about."

Call of Duty 4 - another of Xbox Live's most popular pursuits - also aims to outlaw cheaters. Infinity Ward's outspoken Rob Bowling confirmed via Twitter that a new COD4 patch will "eliminate the cheaters".

You're only cheating yourselves.

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