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MS clarifies gamescom event format

Announcements, hands-on, interviews.

Microsoft has said that its gamescom "Play Day" event will allow press to see new games and interview developers and executives, but will not adopt the format of a traditional trade show press conference.

"The event is an intimate opportunity to come face to face with games and key Microsoft personnel," a spokesperson told Eurogamer this evening.

We're told to expect announcements to appear in parallel with the event, so those of you hoping for revelations like a possible European release date for Kinect should keep your eyes on the internet from 11.30am BST / 12.30pm CET tomorrow, 17th August.

Nintendo has no plans to do a press conference this year, but will have a strong presence on the consumer show floor.

Sony, meanwhile, has confirmed that it will make remarks and announcement - a conference, if you like - to press at its own Cologne event tomorrow evening. Doors open at 5pm BST / 6pm CET with events expected to start an hour later.

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