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More PSone games for PSP

Via PS3. In Japan. HOOPS.

Sony is planning to add a few more PSone games to the PlayStation 3's online store tomorrow in Japan, giving owners of the next-gen console the chance to pay 525 yen and play things like R-Types and Dino Crisis on their, er, PSPs.

Yes, once again it's that weird system of buying and downloading the thing on PS3 and transferring it to Memory Stick Duo using a USB cable, and what's more you'll need the new 3.03 PSP firmware if you plan to do it.

Since it's only relevant to Japanese consumers at the moment though, we can't imagine you do. The other titles due for release, IGN reports, are Taiyo no Shippo, U-SA, Global Force, Gekisou Tomaranna, Maru Oukoku no Ningyou Hime, The Convenie Ano Machi wo Dokusen se yo, and Mr. Driller.

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