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More Introversion console hints

Within 12 months, perhaps.

UK developer Introversion has reiterated that it plans to chart a path to consoles sometime in the near future.

"I think you'll be seeing some console titles coming out from Introversion over the next twelve months or so," director Mark Morris told Next-gen.biz.

Morris was echoing comments made to Eurogamer last year, when spokesperson Vicky Arundel admitted that the company was in talks with Microsoft and Sony about various options.

Since then the company's games, including Darwinia, Uplink and Defcon, have found greater exposure thanks to digital distribution systems including Steam and MSN.co.uk, but there's still no official confirmation of console offerings.

The small UK independent is known to be working on a game called Subversion at the moment though, feeding the occasional detail into its blog. So keep an eye out.

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