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More '80s Guitar Hero tracks

Hair metal dominates.

Activision has let slip the names of a brace more tracks for this summer's PS2 exclusive, Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the '80s.

Notice that 'Encore'? That wasn't there before. We smell a new brand extension. This could well be the first of a wave of themed song packs for Activision's all-conquering axe-wielder.

Where this new direction leaves the proposed avalanche of downloadable tracks for 360 Guitar Hero II, we're not sure.

Anyway, never mind the speculation, here's the ROCK:

  • 18 and Life - Skid Row
  • Bathroom Wall - Faster Pussycat
  • Lonely is the Night - Billy Squier
  • Nothing But a Good Time - Poison
  • Play With Me - Extreme
  • Shaken - Eddie Money
  • Synchronicity II - The Police

Poison, Skid Row, Extreme: looks like Neversoft is reliving its poodle-permed, teenage-metalhead days with its first Guitar Hero release. Best to get it out of the system now, eh lads?

These seven tracks join the seven already announced for the game:

  • I Wanna Rock - Twisted Sister
  • I Ran - Seagulls
  • Round and Round - Ratt
  • I Want Candy - Bow Wow Wow
  • Metal Health - Quiet Riot
  • Holy Diver - Dio
  • Heat Of The Moment - Asia

There will be 30 tracks in all, leaving sixteen still unannounced for you to speculate about and argue over in the comments. Go to it!

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