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More 360 price cut talk

Fresh scans back rumours.

More scans of supposed pending advertising campaigns have appeared, supporting rumours that Microsoft is planning a Xbox 360 price cut in the US.

The pictures, taken from an unidentified publication, confirm the Premium pack at USD 349.95, add a 30 dollar drop for the Elite (to USD 449.95), and a 20 buck drop for the Core - to USD 279.95.

But as always, Microsoft is refusing to comment, and told GamesIndustry.biz, "We're very happy with the price we're at, and have no plans to make any changes at this time."

There has been no speculation of any price drops anywhere other than the US at this time. Historically, price cuts tend to happen in the late summer in Europe - and usually in early September.

We'd previously heard from US website The Hollywood Reporter that Microsoft was planning a USD 50 cut in early August, which would take hold in time for key releases BioShock and Blue Dragon later that month.

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