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Monster Hunter World's beta will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive

And it starts this December.

Monster Hunter World is getting a beta this December, and it'll be a PlayStation exclusive.

The Monster Hunter World beta will run from December 9th to December 12th, and will include three different quests that can be played either co-operatively online or solo. Two of these quests unfold on the game's Great Forest map, where Hunters can take on the Great Jagras - described as "a scavenger capable of swallowing other monsters whole", or the "fiery and territorial" Anjanath. The third beta quest shifts the action to the desert-like Wildspire Waste, where an armoured Barroth awaits.

Accompanying the beta announcement is a new Monster Hunter World trailer, offering a look at the three quest missions that will be included in the beta.

There's also a peak at a new in-game area, known as the Rotten Vale. "The deeper players journey into the inner layers of the Rotten Vale," Capcom says of the new location, "the tougher the environment gets with a dangerous and toxic mist blanketing the land obscuring the perils that lurk nearby until the very last minute."

Capcom has also announced that it will be collaborating with Sony to create a special Horizon Zero Dawn event quest, which will arrive some time after launch. By completing the quest and gathering up the necessary materials, Hunters can craft Horizon Zero Dawn protagonist Aloy's bow and full armour (which includes her facial likeness), as well as Palico armour that makes your Palico look like a machine from the game.

In order to join the Monster Hunter World beta when its starts on December 9th, you'll need to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber. The full game releases on PS4 and Xbox One on January 26th next year, with a PC version to follow.

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