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Monster Hunter World - Paolumu strategy and Paolumu parts to get

How to beat flying bat Paolumu.

Paolumu is a mid-game encounter in Monster Hunter World, and one of the game's strangest creatures - a giant, fluffy angry bat that can swoop through the sky.

Whether you're tackling it in the wild or as part of the key quests, there are a number of Paolumu strategies and weaknesses to learn about, and when you're ready, the many ways to get Paolumu parts.

Elsewhere, our Monster Hunter World tips can help you decide when to farm, what to forage and what to do between hunts, and our Monster Hunter World walkthrough and guide can help with main quest and story progress.

How to prepare for Paolumu the first time

Paolumu is the first mandatory creature you'll encounter in the Coral Highlands, and with new areas comes new opportunities to farm new materials.

If you haven't upgraded anything for a while, we'd recommend exploring to find Ore deposits in this area, which give you Iron Ore, Machalite Ore and Dragonite Ore, all of which go towards the High Metal (18 defence) set if you don't fancy farming materials from specific monsters.

Paolumu location

Paolumi is located in the north-west of the Coral Highlands, and is a mandatory hunt as part of the main quest, a few missions after your encounter with Zorah Magdaros.

Head in that direction to find footprints and feathers, and make you way to area 3 or 5 for the first encounter. You'll then keep chasing around there, with a nest hidden away in this region, too.

Paolumu strategy and weaknesses

Paolumu isn't too difficult as long as you are cautious during certain phases of the battle - essentially whenever it inflates and flies into the air. When it does this, back away and circle round. It'll create gusts of wind ahead of itself - getting caught in this will daze you temporarily - or dive ahead and drop down.

You can get a few attacks at the end of these latter attacks as it hovers still for a few seconds before repeating, otherwise it's worth waiting and being defensive until it's deflated and back on solid ground.

When it isn't inflated, while Paolumu will perform the usual front and behind attacks that most monsters make, if you attack from the side and under its 'neck', you should be able to wail away for a short period before backing off again.

It'll keep alternating between these two flying and deflated phases. If you're lucky you may also run into a Tzitzu-Ya-Ku, which can blind it temporarily.

Though you can get into trouble if it dazes you, Paolumu isn't a heavy hitter, so as long as you take your time and be cautious it shouldn't be a difficult battle. Which is good news for those hoping to farm it for its armour.

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Paolumu parts to get

The following materials are available from Paolumu depending on what you break off, carve or receive as a reward:

Paolumu Low Rank materials list

  • Paolumu Scale
  • Paolumu Webbing
  • Paolumu Shell
  • Paolumu Pelt

If you want to increase your materials gains, then consider learning how to capture monsters to get even more for your efforts.

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