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Monster Hunter World - ??? Rathian Tracks and Pink Rathian strategy, Pink Rathian weakness explained

How to track down and defeat the Pink Rathian.

Pink Rathian is your first major challenge as you step into Monster Hunter World's High Rank.

Unlike previous monsters, finding Pink Rathian requires some leg work to unlock, in the form of finding ??? Rathian Tracks. From there, it's a fairly standard fight, though there are a few Pink Rathian weakness and strategies to learn about.

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How to find ??? Rathian Tracks

After your first Expedition into High Rank's Wildspire Wastes, you must track down the location of the Pink Rathian by finding ??? Rathian Tracks.

Tracks appear throughout areas when undertaking any High Rank Optional quest and expedition. Essentially, any activity in High Rank that isn't an Arena fight.

The location of these tracks are largely random, so it's a case of keeping an eye on your Scoutflies as you explore for their locations. Think of them like Grimalkyne doodles and other monster markings - there are no set locations, but you'll soon get a feel for where they might show up.

A tip, which Arekkz also explains in the below video, is the game will give you a 'boost' to your ??? Rathian gauge whenever you complete a High Rank quest.

So instead of simply exploring areas in Expedition mode, the fastest way is to complete High Rank quests and activities while also finding tracks.

These purpose of these ??? Tracks is to give you a loose structure and goal while you start your High Rank adventure. Use the opportunity to farm materials and get new equipment for the challenges ahead, including the beast you are about to track down.

How to prepare for Pink Rathian the first time

With the effort it takes to find it, it's no surprise Pink Rathian is your first proper test in your High Rank campaign. Hopefully you've accumulated a decent amount of High Rank armour as you were looking for tracks, as you'll need them.

A strong defence Mantle and Palico ability will help if you find yourself struggling, as well as coming kitted out with Antidotes due to possible poisoning.

You'll also start this mission away from a camp, so be sure to dash (the north-east one isn't too far away) and get a meal inside you before you start the fight proper.

Pink Rathian location

Once you have found enough ??? Rathian tracks, you'll have an Assigned quest to take down the Pink Rathian in the Coral Highlands. On your first attempt you'll be face-to-face, but otherwise Pink Rathian tends to be found around areas 5 and 8, before eventually retreating to area 10.

You'll be able to farm it in later quests too, and it'll be in these same areas most of the time.

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Pink Rathian weakness and strategy

Pink Rathian weaknesses:

  • Fire - Null
  • Water - Low
  • Thunder - Medium
  • Ice - Low
  • Dragon - High
  • Poison - Low
  • Sleep - Medium
  • Paralysis - Medium
  • Blast - Low
  • Stun - High

Pink Rathian is a far more aggressive and stronger sub-species of Rathian, but the same rules as all wyverns apply - stay mobile, avoid the front and back, and try and avoid combos unless you are certain you can pull them off in their entirety.

Pink Rathian can pack a punch, but provided you've got some decent High Rank armour equipped, it will help take some of the sting away if you slip up.

Most fire attacks - bar one barb that can come out of nowhere at a distance - are telegraphed in advance, while poison attacks is another thing to contend with, so make sure you keep an eye on your health gauge, retreat then cure if you are infected.

Thankfully, the Coral Highlands can offer a lot of help if you're lucky. We were able to run into a Tzitzi-Ya-Ku and an Odogaron, which stunned and took down its health a fair chunk respectively.

Grimalkynes can also provide some useful support, if you have them unlocked, so try and run into them whenever you can.

The Pink Rathian battle is the sort where if you are momentarily distracted, you'll find yourself in a lot of trouble, but as long as you stay focused on your health and positioning, you should come out on top.

Any major problems, farm materials elsewhere to get your defense up (we were easily one-shotted at first) and come back better prepared.

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