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Monster Hunter World - Diablos strategy, Diablos weakness explained and how to get Diablos Ridge, Tailcase, Marrow, Fang and Shell

Take down burrowing wyvern Diablos.

Diablos is a mid-game creature and the toughest you'll face in the Monster Hunter World's Wildspire Waste.

Whether you're tackling it in the wild or as part of the key quests, there are a number of Diablos weaknesses and strategies to learn about, and when you're ready, the many ways to get Diablos Ridge, Tailcase, Marrow, Fang and Diablos Shell.

Elsewhere, our Monster Hunter World tips can help you decide when to get, what to forage and what to do between hunts, and our Monster Hunter World walkthrough and guide can help with main quest and story progress.

How to prepare for Diablos the first time

If you've taken on Odogaron as part of the Assigned quests (Rathalos and Diablos are the encounters after that) then you should be ready in terms of armour and offence. That said, upgrading your armour - whether through using Armour Spheres for what you have, or farming a new set from one of the recent monsters - won't hurt.

Diablos location

Diablos appears as part of a cutscene when you undergo the Assigned (story) mission 'Horned Tyrant Below the Sands'. Head to area 8, and after the cutscene, you'll drop into area 13. It'll then rest in area 14 whenever it's tired.

Diablos will mostly appear around these two areas if you are tracking it in future.

Diablos weakness and strategy

Diablos weaknesses:

  • Fire - Null
  • Water - Medium
  • Thunder - Low
  • Ice - High
  • Dragon - Medium
  • Poison - Medium
  • Sleep - Medium
  • Paralysis - High
  • Blast - Medium
  • Stun - Low

Compared to Rathalos, there's one less thing to worry about with Diablos; it keeps its feet on the ground, so you haven't got to worry about dives or swoops to suddenly avoid.

You can also get behind it easily too, since Diablos won't use its tail too often. That said, you have to get in a little closer than usual, as the end of its tail is immune to any damage.

In fact, we'd recommend getting as close as possible from the side or behind, which seems to pacify it a little.

Another reason is the trick up Diablos' sleeve, which is the ability to burrow underground. When it does, it'll come towards your position and emerge. If you are far away you can see cracks in the ground to know when it will appear. Either way, roll while it's out of sight as it won't stay submerged for long.

The benefit of its burrowing is you can get some easy hits in as it disappears and reappears again. Not combo-length, but enough to get for a few free swipes before backing away.

If you are particularly struggling, calling an SOS flare will help. With multiple players, it'll burrow to different people, giving you some respite if you need it.

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With these things in mind, and the usual rules of avoiding the front, keeping moving and being patient with your attacks, you'll chip away its health in no time.

Also, when you are fighting in area 13 (the underground cavern), make use of the Flashflies to stun it temporarily.

How to get Diablos Ridge, Tailcase, Marrow, Fang and Shell

The following materials are available from Diablos depending on what you break off, carve or receive as a reward:

Diablos Low Rank materials list:

  • Diablos Ridge (Dropped material; also carved, reward)
  • Twisted Horn (Horn broken)
  • Diablos Tailcase (Tail carved; also carved)
  • Diablos Marrow (Back broken; also carved, reward)
  • Diablos Fang (carved, reward)
  • Diablos Shell (carved, reward)
  • Other quest rewards: Monster Bone Plus, Dash Extract)

If you want to increase your materials gains, then consider learning how to capture monsters to get even more for your efforts.

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