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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's huge PC update adds Resident Evil, Rajang tomorrow

Plus room sharing, new weapon quests, more.

With the PC release of Monster Hunter World's superb Iceborne expansion finally out of the way, Capcom is quickly playing catch-up to bring parity between the game on Steam and console. And tomorrow sees the developer making major headway, dropping a new PC update that finally adds its hilariously odd Resident Evil crossover, new monster Rajang and more.

From tomorrow, Iceborne players can go face-to-fist against huge, angry ape Rajang. The oversized primate (a thunder type monster if you're wondering) first made its debut in 2006's Monster Hunter 2 for PS2, and more recently popped up in the staggeringly generous Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on 3DS and Switch. Rajang is a fast, aggressive, and frequently devastating opponent, and its Monster Hunter World makeover is absolutely terrifying. Oh, and its reworked theme tune is an absolute jazzy corker.

In order to fight Rajang, Iceborne players will need to converse with the Admiral in Seliana after beating the game and visiting the Guiding Lands at least once. And speaking of the Guiding Lands, tomorrow sees the addition of a new Volcanic Region.

Elsewhere, players will be able to invite their hunter chums to investigate their swankily customised digs, thanks to an update to Iceborne's room system. Rooms will be public, and thus viewable by anyone in your online session, by default, but this can be changed to private (or passcode-restricted) via the Housekeeping or start menus.

Additionally, from tomorrow, 6th February, until 12th March, Iceborne hunters will have access to three limited-time quests. There are two new weapon design content event quests in Master Rank (titled Every Hunter's Dream 2 and 3), accessible at MR6 and MR9 respectively. These award special event tickets that can be used to craft new weapons.

The big addition, however, is the new Resident Evil crossover, which adds the RE: Return of the Bioweapon quest. This MR20 challenge pits hunters against a Blackveil Vaal Hazak in the Rotten Vale, and awards S.T.A.R.S. Badges. The twist here is that players can be afflicted by a special Zombified status, limiting mobility and nullifying healing effects. However, this is curable using green and red herbs found as part of the quest.

Rewards for the collaboration include Zombify and Zombie Bite gestures, the Leon α+ and Claire α+ armour sets (which also negate zombification and effluvial build-up), three new pendants, and new room decor. There's an RPD pendant, an Umbrella Corporation logo pendant, and a talking (!) tofu pendant. Rooms get new Resident Evil music options, and the Typewriter and Item Box decorations can be unlocked by completing delivery quests.

Finally, guild cards receive the Raccoon City Collaboration background, two poses, five titles, and an expressions that gives your hunter zombie skin. Assuming the event is identical to that seen on consoles, players should also be able to purchase a premium (and hilarious) Tyrant costume for the Handler, plus Racoon City room music and stickers from the store.

Lastly, alongside various bug fixes and enhancements, tomorrow's update will pave the way for Iceborne's Holiday Joy Fest event, which originally came to consoles in December. This gives the Seliana Gathering Hub another seasonal makeover, and adds limited-time rewards including a pendant, Palico outfit, and the Oolong Alpha + armour set. There's no start date provided in Capcom's Steam announcement post, but it seems likely this will begin once the current Appreciation Fest comes to an end on 13th February.

Those interested in Capcom's future plans for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne should check out the publisher's recent 2020 development roadmap.

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