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Monster Hunter Rise gets extended gameplay trailer, limited-time demo news

Bishaten me pants in anticipation.

Following its somewhat truncated appearance at last night's Game Awards show, Capcom has dropped the full version of its wonderful new - and surprisingly revealing - gameplay trailer for Monster Hunter Rise, which launches on Switch in March next year.

This time around, we're introduced to Rise's marshy new Flooded Forest locale - clearly heavily inspired be the Monster Hunter 3 area of the same name, although obviously shorn of its loading screens in Rise - which plays host to monsters both new and old.

In the 'new' category are the sleep-inducing Somnacanth and the Bishaten, described as the "omnivorous trickster", while returning monsters include the Royal Ludroth and Great Wroggi.

Monster Hunter Rise - Game Awards 2020 trailer.

Additionally, it appears my Monster-Hunter-related wishes have finally comes true! Skip to the 2:10 mark in the trailer and listen out for that familiar roar - seems like the inimitable khezu is finally returning in Rise after its devastating (to me at least) absence in Monster Hunter World.

The whole thing continues to look utterly delightful, and Capcom has now confirmed that Switch owners will be able to get an early taste of Monster Hunter Rise in January, courtesy of a special limited-time demo. The full game, of course, arrives on 26th March next year.

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Monster Hunter Rise

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