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Monster Hunter Rise confirmed for PC

Dual blades.

Capcom has confirmed that Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PC, with a port due to come out early in 2022.

Monster Hunter Rise marks the debut of Capcom's hugely successful series on its own RE Engine, with the Switch version due out towards the end of March. It introduces new traversal options and, of course, new monsters to hunt down, and looks set to be one of the gaming highlights of 2021.

Monster Hunter World saw some 16.8 million units shifted, with the profile of the series finally being raised in the west. Capcom will surely be looking to replicate some of that success with Monster Hunter Rise as it extends beyond the Switch.

"We received a lot of requests for a PC version of Monster Hunter Rise," series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto told IGN. "This is still under development, so I'd like to share more detailed information when the time is right."

There are no further details on what the PC port of Monster Hunter Rise will bring to the table, though that's understandable seeing as we're still to get our hands on the final Switch version. We'll have a bit more insight into the new game coming for you on the site tomorrow.

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Monster Hunter Rise

PC, Nintendo Switch

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