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Monster Hunter Rise adds Crimson Glow Valstrax and Apex Zinogre tomorrow

And there's a new story ending too.

Monster Hunter Rise's latest free Title Update arrives tomorrow, 27th May, on Switch, bringing a new story ending, two formidable new opponents in the shape the Crimson Glow Valstrax and Apex Zinogre, new DLC, and more.

Crimson Glow Valstrax, if the name sounds familiar, is a new variant of the Elder Dragon first introduced in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, making its Rise debut with a new form and attacks. The beast is able to change the shape of it wings, notes Capcom, enabling it to fly freely through the sky and survive at unusually high altitudes.

As for the Apex Zinogre, it's a tougher version of the familiar Monster Hunter staple already in Rise, and features a striking new look with its golden fur and lightning. Capcom says it'll make an appearance in Rampage quests but can be tackled as part of a standard quest too.

Monster Hunter Rise - Update Ver. 3.0: Valstrax & New Ending.

Rounding out May's free Title Update as far as highlights go is a new story ending, which will hopefully flesh out Monster Hunter Rise's currently rather abrupt, anti-climactic single-player finale. Unsurprisingly, Capcom isn't sharing much about it for spoiler reasons, only teasing the danger that awaits when Ibushi and Narwa come together.

In addition to the above, and the usual bug fixes, you can expect new quests and a new boss battle arena; new weapon trees, armour, layered armour, items, and Guild Card medals; new monsters in hub quests and Rampage quests, plus new skills and Rampage skills; it'll also enable players to use materials to change the appearance of Rampage weapons.

There's a fresh batch of paid DLC arriving alongside all the free stuff tomorrow as well, including new hunter voices, face paints, poses, stickers, armour, and music. You can get a proper look at these (alongside some additional details on Monster Hunter Stories 2) in Capcom's latest Monster Hunter digital event.

Monster Hunter Rise's Title Update 3.0 arrives tomorrow, 27th May, at 1am in the UK and it'll be followed by the first in a series of Capcom-themed collaboration events in mid-June, letting players unlock layered armoured that'll change their Palico into the mysterious Felyne Tsukino from Monster Hunter Stories 2. Further free updates, promising new event quests, collaborations, and DLC, are scheduled to arrive in July and August.

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