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Modders get to work on GTA Trilogy despite takedown concerns

Risk of rain.

Modders have begun work on the GTA Trilogy - despite ongoing concern about potential takedowns from Take-Two.

GTA Trilogy's disastrous launch came after a concerted campaign from Take-Two to scrub the internet of mods related to GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas. Take-Two even sued some of the people who reverse-engineered GTA code.

But that hasn't put off some modders who have tried to remedy some of GTA Trilogy's numerous faults.

The recently-created GTATrilogyMods subreddit already has over 1000 members. There, a vibrant discussion on the nitty gritty of modding GTA Trilogy has begun - and early results are promising. Modders are currently trying to work out how to enable first-person mode in the remasters.

There's also modding discussion going on at the GTAForums, where mods are being shared.

Moddb.com has a page for GTA Trilogy, and there are a handful of mods available to download. One mod makes the GTA Trilogy look like a Telltale game, with even more cartoony graphics. Another adds in the original GTA 3 menu sounds.

Modders are also adding in tracks missing in the remasters.

There's an initial fix for GTA Trilogy's much-maligned rain, too.

Image credit GTATrilogyMods on Patreon.

All this mod work is being done under the shadow of potential action from Take-Two, which has proven itself keen to strike wherever and whenever it sees fit. Over the weekend, it emerged Take-Two recently targeted GTA 4 mods - and even a GTA 4 save file.

Prominent GTA modder Junior_Djjr took to the comments on one of their YouTube videos, below, to express their commitment to the cause. Responding to one viewer who thought modders had quit the GTA scene because of how they had been treated, Junior_Djjr replied:

"I have that feeling, but my entire community is very excited about a new modding, and it's very satisfying that you create a modding from scratch (our community pioneered modding for this game), and be able to show Rockstar/GSG/T2 that fans can do better, show what we really want for the game, the IDEA is more important.

"For these reasons I help with this modding, but I DON'T want to focus, if I'm going to start a big project, it will be on the classic game, for several reasons."

Rockstar has apologised for GTA Trilogy's launch debacle, and insisted it's "working to improve and update overall performance as we move forward". The question is, will modders get there first? And, if they do, will Take-Two leave them to it?

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