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Mobile games spending reached $116bn globally last year

Roblox generates the most cash.

Spending on mobile games from consumers reached $116 billion globally in 2021, according to a new State of Mobile 2022 report from App Annie.

That's an increase of $42.22bn since 2018. What's more, total App store spending was $170bn across all apps, meaning games make up a significant proportion of total mobile spending.

In terms of consumer spending, Roblox tops the rankings worldwide, followed by Genshin Impact and Coin Master. For monthly active users, PUBG Mobile ranks top along with Roblox and Candy Crush Saga.

Pokémon Go is also high for spending, while Among Us has high active users.

Strategy games, MMORPGs and team battle games emerged with the highest consumer spend. These types of games are favoured by younger players, while older players prefer puzzle games.

The top mobile games globally, according to App Annie.

The report proves how high consumer spending on mobile games is - and it's continuing to rise.

Earlier this week, publisher Take Two purchased mobile game company Zynga for a staggering $12.7bn - the most expensive video games acquisition of all time.

Sony is also looking to push into mobile gaming by adapting PlayStation's most popular franchises, something that's already proven lucrative for Nintendo.

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