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Mobile Games Roundup

Bumpy! Frisbee! Hydro! Contraptions! Starfront!

Frisbee Forever

  • iPhone/iPad - Free (Universal binary)

It's hardly a novelty any more that you can pick up great games for pennies, but few free games have ever been as good as Frisbee Forever.

As if to thumb its nose at the old-fashioned notion of charging £30 or more for the likes of Pilotwings, Kiloo Games has come up with a game every bit as entertaining using the usually hateful 'Freemium' model.

The first hour or so of content comes completely free of charge as you steer your frisbee through a series of progressively tricky courses, collecting stars and spinning through speed-boosting hoops and loop-the-loops en route to the goal.

Played via the responsive tilt controls, it's a perfectly balanced obstacle course that has you dodging and weaving between relentless trees.

Wingless wonders.

The key to progress is collecting stars, and the more stars you collect, the more courses and miscellaneous upgrades you can exchange. Before long, you'll either have to go back and grind previous courses to collect all the stars you missed or shortcut the process by buying stars in packs, ranging from 1000 for 59p, right up to a ludicrous 275,000 for £59.99.

Fortunately, most of that is optional, and if you object to paying to unlock most of the 90 courses, then you can just continue to grind away.

With production values that smell of money and brow-furrowing challenges, Frisbee Forever is an essential download. All you have to decide is whether to shovel some coinage up the developers' willing cash pipe.


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Casey's Contraptions

Casey's story is a familiar one: a bored child, a house filled with random objects and an endless desire to create elaborate contraptions out of anything that comes to hand.

In the case of my own irrepressible five year-old, the living room has recently become his own personal Tardis. The Dyson becomes the console, the guitar amps the control panel. In Snappy Touch's more conventional imagination, though, you're generally tasked with fashioning a cunning chain reaction to achieve a goal.

Casey's mom has got it going on.

A table, a football, a ballon, a pair of scissors and a boxing glove suddenly become a challenge to pop a balloon. A carefully stacked pile of books must be completely knocked down using nothing more than an eight ball, a pipe section and a boxing glove on an extending arm. The trick is arranging them just so.

Being a touch screen affair, placing and rotating objects is second nature, but finding a solution can often require far more trial and error than you bargained for. Fortunately, not only does Casey provide his own solution, you can see your friends' attempts via the neat Game Center integration.

Once you've worked your way through the 70 or so levels, creative types can even come up with their own devious contraptions and challenge their pals over email.

If you've somehow lost your inner child, you might find it skulking impishly in the confines of Casey's Contraptions. Even the price is from your youth.


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