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Minecraft's Nether is getting the biggest update since the game's launch


Minecraft is blazing ahead with some brand new content with the freshly announced Nether update - bringing new biomes, mobs, structures, blocks, and visual effects to the game's underworld.

During this weekend's Minecon, the developer showed off some of the new features we can expect from The Nether update - including the two new biomes Soul Sand Valley and Nether Wart Forest, as well as the new inhabitants we'll find within them.

What seems to be close relatives of the Zombie Pigmen, Piglin Beasts are creatures that can be found living in the Nether Wart Forest - they are aggressive, but also a source of food if you manage to take them down.

The Piglin mobs are a new civilisation to the Minecraft universe, these are hostile mobs that treasure certain new items, and practice a variant of trading called 'bartering'. They'll ignore players who're wearing gold armour, but may attack if they catch anyone opening a chest in their vicinity.

On top of this, the developer showed off a new block type - the target block, which acts as a projectile hit detector.

Mojang has given Minecraft a fantastic year with the sheer amount of content introduced into the franchise, from announcements of new games Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Dungeons, to updates to the vanilla game like Nvidia's ray tracing.

Last month the super cute bees and their hives were revealed via the latest Java snapshot, and Minecon introduced to fans to the new Honey Block that has some new fun mechanics too. Players can expect the new buzzy friends to arrive in both Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft sometime before the holidays.

On top of all that, Minecon Live showed off the opening cinematic of Minecraft Dungeons, gave us a little more detail on the character creator, and even announced a tabletop game - Minecraft: Builders and Biomes.

We don't know yet when The Nether update will make its way to the game, so expect more news on it in the coming weeks.

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