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Mind-bending puzzler Perspective emerges from Portal alma mater Digipen

"Can you think with perspective?"

Perspective looks to be an innovative puzzle/platformer from the DigiPen Institute of technology, where the student game inspiring Portal was born.

Perspective, from student team Widdershins, cribs a tagline from Portal ("Can you think with perspective?") as well as the orange and blue colour scheme, but it has its own unique premise.

Basically, you move around in first person while controlling a second character who exists on a 2D plane along the walls and ceiling. By manipulating your perspective, you alter the level layout for the 2D character.

We promise it will make a lot more sense after watching the incredible trailer below.

Before players took on GLaDOS in Valve's seminal puzzler, the concept was created by a group of DigiPen students in their game Narbacular Drop. Valve was so taken with this premise that it hired the team behind it to make Portal.

The Seattle-based studio followed a similar pattern for Portal 2 where it acquired the team that made Tag: The Power of Paint, another student offering from DigiPen. This is where the gel-based gameplay in Portal 2 stemmed from.

Now the question remains; will Chell have a 2D counterpart in a Portal 3? We see no reason why not.

Perspective is due sometime in 2012 for PC.

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