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Microsoft shows Pokémon Go HoloLens demo

Technical machine.

Microsoft has shown a Pokémon Go tech demo in which the mobile pocket monster phenomenon is playable via the company's Hololens headset.

A video of the demonstration, labelled as "proof of concept" and "not for consumer use", was part of a presentation detailing Microsoft Mesh, the company's new mixed reality platform (thanks, The Verge).

Introduced by Niantic boss John Hanke - the company's own Professor Willow - the demo shows how players can interact with creatures in mixed-reality, rather than AR, and use virtual controls which float around the user's wrist.

Here's the glimpse, in video footage captured by VR Trailers:

In the demo, your surroundings are replicated with Pokémon layered on top, which is probably safer than walking around staring down at your phone and wandering into the road. I have never done this.

For now, this is just a limited tech demo. You can interact with Pokémon in a similar manner to how you can in the app with Pokémon buddies - feeding them berries, and having them follow you around. Mixed reality Pokémon battles were teased, but not shown.

Microsoft has launched Mesh as a platform for devices such as Hololens, and is encouraging developers to get on board and create new mixed-reality experiences. Others shown include Mii-like avatars and video footage of people sat within virtual conference rooms, as a next-gen version of Zoom. Now, give me a mixed-reality Hey You, Pikachu! like that and we'll talk.

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