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Microsoft is removing Scalebound videos from its YouTube channel

How to disappear completely.

Microsoft has removed all trailers of Scalebound from its Xbox YouTube page following news of the game's cancellation earlier in the evening.

Twitter posts from the official Scalebound account and Xbox Live head honcho Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb link to Scalebound trailers that are marked as either removed or made private.

Cancelling a highly promoted AAA game after four years of work is an already unprecedented move, but removing footage of its existence is especially odd. Perhaps it's a licensing issue? We've asked Microsoft for comment.

At the moment, there is still some footage of Scalebound tucked away on the Xbox YouTube page, such as brief glimpses of it in this E3 2016 montage.

The good news is that Scalebound footage is still plentiful on developer Platinum Games' YouTube page. Plus there's some neat videos of it on our nifty Eurogamer YouTube channel.

Indeed, Microsoft can scrub Scalebound trailers from its YouTube channel, but as Captain James T. Kirk once said, "Scalebound's not really dead. As long as we remember it."

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