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Microsoft says it wants Call of Duty on Switch

Reflex edition.

Microsoft's megabid to acquire Activision Blizzard has raised questions about the future of the publisher's cross-platform titles.

Facing regulatory scrutiny, Microsoft explicitly committed to Call of Duty releasing on PlayStation beyond existing agreements.

Now, the company has also confirmed it's open to releasing Call of Duty on the Nintendo Switch.

Speaking to CNBC, Microsoft's president Brad Smith stated "We'd like to bring [Call of Duty] to Nintendo devices. We'd like to bring the other popular titles that Activision Blizzard has, and ensure that they continue to be available on PlayStation, [and] that they become available on Nintendo."

Note this doesn't mean Activision doesn't have any active plans to develop Call of Duty games on the Switch and it is all dependent on whether the acquisition is approved by a number of governments, hence the statement.

The Xbox creator also announced plans to open up its app stores to developers using alternative payment methods, a not so subtle shot at Apple's practice of monopolising payments on its platforms.

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