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Microsoft removing direct Twitter sharing feature from Xbox consoles

Bye then.

Microsoft looks to be quietly removing the ability for Xbox users to upload gameplay clips straight from their consoles to Twitter.

Instead of going directly to Twitter, users who are testing the console's latest dashboard update must instead upload footage through the "mobile sharing" option for Xbox's Game DVR (spotted by Windows Central).

Other apps in this section include the likes of Facebook and Instagram.

This means the only option for Xbox users testing this latest console update is to upload gameplay clips to their phones first.

Then, from their phone they can go on to upload the footage to their Twitter feed.

It is unclear why Microsoft seems to be altering this feature and essentially making the process more convoluted. Windows Central has theorised it could be because of low usage, or even high Twitter fees for use of its API, but at this point it is only speculation.

Eurogamer has reached out to Microsoft for comment.

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