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Microsoft Flight Simulator X is coming to Steam next week

In an enhanced edition by Train Simulator developer Dovetail.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X is coming to Steam on 18th December as part of the newly announced Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition.

The new subtitle means that it's an enhanced port of the 2006 classic, but far from a remake. The Steam Edition will feature "enhanced multiplayer functionality," Windows 8.1 support, over 24,000 airports, and developer Dovetail Games - of Train Simulator fame - is planning to spruce the package up with DLC coming in the new year.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator series is known for its die hard realism as it does everything in its power to simulate actually being a pilot. X features over 20 aircrafts across more than 80 missions like rescue challenges, races and other disaster scenarios.

Dovetail also noted in its announcement that it will be developing its own original titles based on Microsoft's flight technology, essential creating a spiritual successor to the Microsoft Flight Simulator series.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X was the last title in the franchise before Microsoft shut down the series' developer, Aces Studio, in 2009.

Some may find it odd that a Microsoft game with its company name in the title would willingly release a game on Steam (with "Steam" also in the title no less), but it's not the first time Microsoft has let its exclusive find a new home on Valve's distribution portal. Skulls of the Shogun, for example, was a Microsoft-exclusive title for several months before its developer was allowed to release it on Steam. Clearly bolstering the reputation of the derelict Games for Windows Live isn't a priority for Microsoft at the moment.

But hey, who wants more flight simulators?

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