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Mew-Genics gets a debut trailer

Team Meat outlines the cast in a comic.

Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat has released the opening cinematic to its upcoming "crazy cat lady simulator" Mew-Genics.

Set for iOS and Steam in 2014, Mew-Genics is about raising and breeding a fantastic group of felines. There will be beauty pageants, cat fights, and races for glory that will culminate in felines determining the future of humanity.

Additionally, Team Meat released a 28-page comic/activity book about Mew-Genics at PAX that details the human cast of this adorable adventure. There's Mr. Tinkles, the "pageant dad and director of the Boone County Cat Show"; the dickish Butch, who runs backalley cat fights; mad scientist Dr. Beanies who splices felines with bizarre serums to give them extra legs or eyes; Tracy, "the only person in the world that really gives a damn about animals"; cat-racing resurrected corpse creature Frank; and Dickensian scamp Baby Jack who does what he can to get by and take care of his Nona.

For more information, I interviewed Team Meat about Mew-Genics last March where we chatted about cats, consoles, and its wish for Super Meat Boy to be in Super Smash Bros.

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