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Metal Gear Solid 5 - Make Contact with Emmerich, Cloaked in Silence, Quiet boss fight

How to deal with Quiet and hook up with Emmerich in Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain's Cloaked in Silence.

Welcome to Metal Gear Solid 5 - Make Contact with Emmerich, the 11th main story mission of the game, following on from Angel with Broken Wings.

Mission checklist:

  • Eliminated Quiet
  • Determined what to do with Quiet
  • Neutralised Quiet without hitting her with lethal weapons
  • Neutralised Quiet with non-firearm attacks

From this point on, you'll have DD as a constant companion. He's able to sniff out guards and other useful targets in the immediate vicinity, and he can detect mines and medicinal plants too. Additionally, you'll be able to develop DD-related equipment back at Mother Base.

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Make Contact with Emmerich

In order to proceed further into the game, you'll need to complete the Make Contact with Emmerich Side Ops Mission. Select it from your Side Ops menu then choose the Landing Zone immediately to the north of the Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost. Next, make sure D-Horse is your buddy, set the Drop Time to 0600 and commence the mission.

As soon as you touch down, climb onto your horse and begin travelling north-east along the main road. Once the Soviet guard post comes into view, leave the road and hug the rock wall to the right as you proceed. Continue onward and you'll eventually rejoin the main road, having completely bypassed the guard post.

Resume your journey north-east and pass under the stone archway. Immediately, you'll be set upon by a sniper stationed on the far side of the valley. This, is turns out, is the mysterious assassin Quiet - who you might recall being mentioned earlier. Rather unexpectedly, Episode 11: Cloaked in Silence will automatically begin.

Once the credits are over, you'll find yourself positioned behind a small stone wall. You've a choice here: you can either bring down Quiet, or you can simply slip around her and continue on toward Dr Emmerich. If you choose the latter option, Episode 11 will remain incomplete and you'll be able to try again later. We'll guide you through both approaches here.

Quiet boss fight

It might not be immediately apparent, but you can actually defeat Quiet with minimal movement. First, look for the subtle glint of Quiet's sniper scope on top of the building directly across the valley. This is just one of the tells that help you pinpoint her location - she'll also hum gently as she works and kick up huge clouds of dust when she intermittently runs to a new hiding spot.

Lie low behind the stone wall and break out your binoculars. Locate Quiet's glinting sniper scope using your viewfinder then zoom in until she's clearly in your sights. This will temporarily add her position to your HUD and map.

It's extremely difficult to sneak up on Quiet without being spotted - or without receiving a bullet to the head. Instead, you'll need to find a way to bring her down from a distance. Unsurprisingly, there are a number of ways to do this, and we'll tackle the non-lethal-weapons approach first (mainly because there's a hidden mission objective for doing so).

As soon as you've managed to scan Quiet and she's appeared on your map, summon an air supply drop and set the landing point directly over her current location. When the crate lands, it'll bop her on the head, reducing her blue health bar by half.

Once you've scored a direct hit, Quiet immediately runs to find a new sniper spot, disappearing from your HUD. You'll need to zoom in and scan her with your binoculars again before you can land a second strike. The easiest way to do this is to sweep your binocular's viewfinder back and forth until its microphone picks up the sound of Quiet's humming. Look at the mic gauge and carefully adjust your view until it reaches maximum volume. Finally, zoom in to scan Quiet.

As soon as Quiet is back on your map, summon a second airdrop to land on her new position. With that done, Quiet will tumble to the floor - and a yellow objective marker will appear where she falls. Run over then decide whether you want to save her or kill her. To save her (which we'd recommend, given that she makes a superb ally), simply wait for Snake to holster his gun.

Stop Quiet with lethal weapons

Of course, if you don't want to faff around with airdrops, you can stop Quiet using your sniper skills. To do this, make sure that you've researched and equipped the sniper rifle before the mission begins, then use it from your initial starting point. Each hit will deplete Quiet's red health bar, rather than the blue one. To locate her position as she moves around the area, simply use your binoculars as before. When Quiet finally goes down, decide whether to save or kill her.

If you follow our advice and save Quiet, hoist her onto your shoulders and wait for the chopper to arrive. Next, drop her inside and climb aboard to end the mission. You'll earn a fine selection of emblem parts (and a new ally, of course) as your reward.

When the cutscene is over, you'll need to return to the air and select the Side Ops: Make Contact With Emmerich mission again. Touch down then return to the valley, following the same route as before. Finally, follow the main road across the valley, moving north-east until the path narrows. Skip down the page and read 'Locating Dr. Emmerich' for your next instructions!

Avoiding Quiet

If you don't fancy tackling Quiet immediately, you'll need to find a way to safely traverse the valley - passing from cover to cover until you leave the mission area.

Immediately lie prone and slip under the fallen tree to the left of the wall. On the other side, look for the small path leading down the side of the valley toward the river below, then begin your descent.

Follow the path down, moving north-east, and pass under the tree leaning against the rock wall. There's a bridge leading over the water a little way on, so lie prone and crawl on over, hugging the broken wall on the right-hand side of the bridge to remain undetected. When you've moved as far forward as you can, drop down into the water.

From here, continue north-east along the river and use the large boulders ahead as cover. Follow the river around and splash up the incline nearby, moving against the current. Hug the rocks on the right-hand side and look for the path to the right as you near the waterfall.

Carefully make your way along the path and continue up the hill, ducking behind the stone debris nearby. Quiet lies in wait somewhere in the large area to the south-east, so stay low. Locate the main road to the north-east and make your way over. Follow the road out of the mission area, summon your horse and hop into the saddle to continue.

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Make Contact with Emmerich: Infiltrate the Power Plant and reach Emmerich's position

With Quiet dealt with (one way or another), you're free to resume the search for Emmerich. Continue along the main road, gradually moving toward the Serak Power Plant in the east. Once you spot the abandoned village ahead, come to a halt and bring up your map. Locate the junction further along the road to the east and make a note of its position.

You'll need to reach the junction to proceed, either by following the road through the village (which can be a little perilous), or by giving the village a wide berth and moving through the hills. Whatever your decision, once you reach the junction, begin following the road north.

Shortly, you'll spy another Soviet outpost ahead - if you don't want to explore it, leave the road and climb the mountain path to the right in order to avoid detection.

Drop back down onto the road leading east then continue on toward the Power Plant. You'll pass a small cluster of stone buildings on your right and, a little further on, reach another guard post. Come to a halt near the first concrete barrier in the road and scan the area to locate the enemies patrolling the route ahead.

As usual, if you don't want to engage the hostiles directly, you can make your way around the encampment - there's a low mountain path leading up and away from the area just to your right.

Once you've rejoined the road on the other side of the guard post, continue galloping in the direction of the Power Plant, following the road around as it bends to the south. Watch out for patrolling guards and trucks as you close in on your destination.

There's only one main road leading toward the Power Plant, so carefully turn into it. Almost immediately, you'll spot some grey buildings situated to the right of the road ahead.

Rather than ploughing straight along the road and blowing your cover, look to the left and locate the path leading up to the rocky ledge. Follow it along and you'll reach a high platform that affords a great view of the area below. Stop and do a quick scan of the area for enemies.

Next, drop down to the ground and continue along the road, sticking to the undergrowth and keeping close to the rocks on the left. Shortly, you'll reach a large generator surrounded by a chainlink fence. Hop over the fence and climb up onto the generator. This leads to a large open area full of machinery and pipes that you can use as cover as you proceed to the north-east, heading in the direction of the yellow objective marker.

Proceed cautiously as you near your destination - a large number of guards patrol the area ahead. If you run into trouble, you might find it easier to wait until nightfall (which shouldn't be too far away), reducing your chances of being spotted as you cross the tarmac.

When you're ready to continue, lie prone and start the journey toward the objective marker, ducking under pipes and around buildings as you go. Try and stick to the shadows where possible.

Eventually, you'll spot a long, raised platform directly ahead, with numerous patrols moving back and forth along its railing. Locate the staircase leading up to the right then, when the coast is clear, carefully make your way to the level above.

At the top of the steps, you'll see a blue door leading into the nearby building. Don't go through: instead, check the area for hostiles then make your way clockwise around the building's exterior.

Keep close to the rock wall on your left and slowly move around to the rear of the building. As the path turns south-east, you'll spot another raised platform ahead - lie prone (if you aren't already) and push forward once the patrolling guards are looking the other way.

There's a rock slope to the left a short way on, so crawl on up and stick close to the fenced enclosure surrounding the pylon to your left. Almost immediately, you'll see a red doorway leading to your target directly ahead. Keep low and, when it's safe to move, quickly slip over to the door and unlock it. Once the cut-scene is over, you'll automatically begin Episode 12: Hellbound.

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