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Mega Drive Classics tweaked for PSN

Leaderboards, trophies, co-op detailed.

The six vintage Mega Drive games heading to PlayStation Network over the next couple of months will feature online leaderboards and trophies, SEGA has revealed.

SEGA's Mike Kebby stopped by the PlayStation Blog to announce that Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, Streets of Rage 2, Golden Axe 2, Altered Beast and Comix Zone would all be online enabled.

On top of leaderboards and trophies, Sonic 2, Streets of Rage 2 and Altered Beast will also feature online co-op play.

Kebby then divulged the full trophy list for classic platformer Sonic the Hedgehog, which hits PlayStation Network today.


  • Centurion – Get 100 or more rings
  • Clear Green – Clear the Green Hill Zone
  • Fast Green – Beat Green Hill Zone Act 1 in under 35 seconds
  • Fast Marble – Beat Marble Zone Act 1 in under 80 seconds
  • Star Light Zone – Get to the Star Light Zone
  • Spring Yard Zone – Get to the Spring Yard Zone
  • Labyrinth Zone – Get to the Labyrinth Zone


  • Chaos Emerald – Get one Chaos Emerald
  • Chaos Master – Get all the Chaos Emeralds
  • Win – Beat the game
  • Fast Win – Beat the game in under 40 minutes


  • Perfect Win – Beat the game without dying

The release schedule for the rest of the titles is as follows, with each game going for £3.19/€3.99:

  • Sonic 2 – free for PS Plus users on 6th April, released onto PS Store on 20th April
  • Streets of Rage 2 – free for Plus users on 4th May, released onto PS Store on 18th May
  • Golden Axe 2 – free for Plus users on 1st June, released onto PS Store on 15th June

Dates for Altered Beast and Comix Zone are yet to be confirmed, though a glance at the already announced US list should offer some clues.

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