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Medal of Honor: represent your nation online for the first time

Fight for one of 193 countries tracked by web-based meta-game.

Realistic war game Medal of Honor: Warfighter wants you to fight for and represent your nation online for the first time, when it launches this autumn.

A web-based meta-game will track the progress of 193 nations, and the people fighting for them. That's nearly every country - and probably more than EA distributes to.

EA announced all of this at German game show Gamescom this afternoon.

Medal of Honor has six classes to play as online, and a possible 70 unique combinations within them.

Medal of Honor aims to be as realistic as possible, choosing recent conflicts to base its action around. But its proximity to real-life has stirred up controversy, not least the advertising of real-life weaponry and assault gear - a topic our Tom Bramwell dived into today.

Today's new Medal of Honor: Warfighter trailer.

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Medal of Honor: Warfighter

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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