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Maxis outlines further SimCity tweaks as it delays Mac version to August

UPDATE: SimCity Mac release date announced.

UPDATE: The Mac version of SimCity launches on 29th August, Maxis has announced.

SimCity is a cross-platform game, and those who bought the PC version get a Mac copy for free through Origin - and vice versa.

ORIGINAL STORY: Maxis has outlined further tweaks to SimCity and delayed the release of the Mac version.

The Mac version will release in August, Maxis said. "We have made this tough decision because we do not believe it is ready for primetime yet," the EA-owned developer explained. "We want to ensure the Mac is a great experience for our players and that is why we are taking more time."

As a "sincere thank you", Maxis will extend the availability of the SimCity Launch Park to all players who have bought the Mac version.

Meanwhile, Maxis revealed improvements scheduled for Update 5, due out in a couple of weeks. It focuses on multiplayer and multi-city play, long criticised by players since the game's troubled release earlier this year.

Update 5 adds historic price charts for Global Market resources, updates Region Wall chat and adds trading control so you can now choose whether or not to keep your power, water, or sewage local. There are new regional missions and a new regional achievement. There's more on EA's SimCity development blog.

Elsewhere, work on update six has already begin, which focuses on RCI improvements.

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