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Mass Effect Andromeda - Jaal missions Friend or Foe?, Flesh and Blood

How to complete the squadmate's quests, including their Loyalty Mission.

Mass Effect Andromeda's Jaal is one of your squadmates that'll be exploring the new galaxy with, has several quests on offer along the way.

One of these is Flesh and Blood, Jaal's Loyalty Mission, a key optional mission recommended if you want to flesh out the character's story further.

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Friend or Foe?

After you've gained the trust of the Angarans, Jaal will speak to you on the Tempest and ask you to go to Havarl with him. Head to the planet's surface with him in your squad and make your way to the marker.

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Defeat the Kett outside the building and then speak to Thaldyr inside then return to the Tempest to read your email before heading to Aya to speak to the Moshae.

Return to the Tempest again and use the Vidcon in the meeting room to speak to the outpost on Eos, and then head to the planet and put Jaal in your squad again.

Make your way to the marker in Blackrock Tande and fight off the Roekaar soldiers camped out near the Remnant artefact then use the console to locate your next goal.

When you arrive climb up to the roof and deploy the beacon then deal with the waves of Roekaar that arrive - if you've got a sniper rifle or other long range weapon then remaining on the roof gives you a good vantage point to deal with most of the threat in relative safety.

Once the enemy is clear return to Podromos - the mission will now be put on hold.

For Part 2 of Friend or Foe?, Jaal will summon you to the meeting room. Play the message fro Akksul, and the mission will be placed on hold again.

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Flesh and Blood

Jaal will send another email, and reading it will complete Friend or Foe? and trigger the next mission. Speak to Jaal in the Tech Lab on the Tempest, then head with him to Havarl to speak to his contact.

The meeting doesn't go well and will result in a firefight against more Roekaar, and you'll not only have to face them but you'll also need to defuse the four bombs in the area within three minutes.

It's a fairly generous time limit, and the biggest problem will be avoiding getting shot whilst defusing the devices.

There are three around the edges of the room that have a reasonable amount of cover nearby, but the one in the middle is slightly more challenging and you may want to direct your squad to provide some covering fire.

Once the bombs are defused and the area is clear you'll get a cutscene.

There's a QTE about half way through - whether you choose to shoot or not the mission will end successfully, and pulling the trigger seems to just result in some slightly different dialogue in a later mission.

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