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Mass Effect Andromeda - Cora Harper missions Asari Ark, At Duty’s Edge, A Foundation

How to complete the squadmate's quests, including their Loyalty Mission.

Mass Effect Andromeda's Cora Harper is one of your squadmates that'll be exploring the new galaxy with, has several quests on offer along the way.

One of these is At Duty's Edge, Cora's Loyalty Mission, a key optional mission recommended if you want to flesh out the character's story further.

If you're after help for parts of the game, consult our Mass Effect Andromeda walkthrough and guide.

Asari Ark

Read email from Cora, Speak with Cora on the Tempest, Take Cora to speak with Hydaria on Eos, Go to Voeld to track the Periphona's signal

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After receiving an email from Cora, head to the Bio Lab on the Tempest and speak to her, and then take her with you to Eos. When you land make your way to the research building and speak to Hydaria, then take the Tempest to Voeld.

Find the Periphona, Find the source of the Periphona's signal, Find the Periphona's transponder

Grab yourself a Nomad and head across the icy wastes to the transponder signal. Because nothing in life is straightforward it turns out it's just an echo, so you will need to visit three more locations to find the actual signal. Once you've located the transponder return to the Tempest.

The mission will now be put on hold, but will reactivate after you've completed a bit more of the game and automatically trigger the next stage.

At Duty's Edge

Read email from Cora, Speak to Cora on the Tempest, Search the Valay system for Ark Leusinia, Dock with Ark Leusinia, Reach the bridge, Ride the tram to Hangar Control

Read the email from Cora, speak to her in the Bio Lab, and then take the Tempest to the Valay System and scan for anomalies. Dock the Tempest with the Ark, make your way through the deserted rooms, and speak to the captain. One tram ride later you'll meet up with Vederia, and she has a plan!

Look for asari commandos in Hangar Contro, Activate hangar door override, Eliminate the remaining kett

Activate the terminal and then hold your position against the Kett - you need to remain within the marked area so make use of the convenient cover and take out anyone who gets to close while you leave your squad to deal with everyone else.

Once the door is closed mop up any remaining enemies and then make your way through the Ark towards the next objective marker - there's some fire damage as you go, so be careful not to walk through the flames as they'll take your shields out instantly.

Want more help? Our Mass Effect Andromeda walkthrough and guide provides steps to completing every main mission, and our on-going Remnant Decryption puzzle solutions can help with the many Sudoku-like challenges the game can throw at you. Meanwhile, we can help with Memory Trigger locations, Architect locations and the hidden Fusion Mod of Adrenaline, as well as helping you decide on the many Mass Effect Andromeda Romance options for both male and female Ryder.

Meet Vederia, Scan the Mass Effect device, Disconnect power cables, Eliminate the kett on the Observation Deck

You'll eventually reconvene with Vederia. While she monitors the Mass Effect device you'll have to wipe out a wave of Kett before pulling out one of the cables, and then repeat this two more times. Due to their spawn locations it's easiest to start with the cable at the far end, then the one in the middle, and finally the one nearest the entrance.

Disable the mass effect field device, Go to Deck 12, Repel the kett attack on Deck 12, Optional: Trigger mass effect field Once it's all unplugged disable the device then head to the next area.

Three more waves of Kett will attack in here, but you can eliminate quite a large number of them if you trigger the Mass Effect device just as a wave is exiting their dropship; it's a one-shot deal, but it can give you a small edge.

During the final wave the Valiant will appear and need to be defeated - he's another variant of the Cardinal with a mobile shield emitter.

Get the Leusinia to safety Once the fight is over you need to decide who should be Pathfinder - as always there seem to be no immediate implications, so choose the option that feels right for your Ryder.

A Foundation

Speak to Cora just outside the Bio Lab, and then accompany her to Eos. Interact with the rock to being a dialogue sequence. (There's a key romance point during this, so keep your eyes open.)

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