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Mass Effect 3 DLC suggests further changes to ending

More information for those who buy Leviathan add-on.

Mass Effect 3 script information hidden within the game's Extended Cut DLC suggests further ending dialogue changes for players who download the upcoming Leviathan add-on.

Those with Leviathan installed will be privvy to extra snippets of information about the Reapers' origin - information that will be touched upon within the Leviathan DLC pack.


Mass Effect 3: Leviathan is set to divulge information on the Reaper's creators - the Leviathans. Shepard can then question the game's controversial Star Child AI about the ancient race at the end of the game.

Extra dialogue options will allow Shepard to discover more about the Leviathans' fate, already hinted at in the Extended Cut's dialogue.


A complete listing of Star Child AI dialogue was extracted from the the Extended Cut by members of the official BioWare forum and posted on Pastebin. It includes a handful of extra lines.

It was found using the same method that previously uncovered evidence of the Leviathan DLC before it was officially announced.

"They are the creators. They are the ones who requested the solution," the Star Child AI will say if the new DLC pack is installed. "They became the first to be harvested."

"We required their harvesting to create the first Reaper. To enforce and enact on the solution I created."

Hints of the next Mass Effect 3 story DLC to follow this summer's Leviathan add-on have also been uncovered.

A mission to help retake Mass Effect 2 location Omega from Cerberus existed in early versions of the main Mass Effect 3 game - but was later cut.

BioWare has already released a tie-in comic that sets up the mission to re-take Omega. Dialogue options to start the mission still exist in the Mass Effect 3, although are inaccessible - presumably until a later DLC pack is installed.

A list of unreleased gun mods mined from within this week's Firefight weapon pack DLC may offer another clue at the Omega DLC. In the list, several unknown maps are named relating to the new gun mods' locations. Some are labelled "Lev" (to be found within Leviathan). Others are labelled "Omg", the location code used within Mass Effect 2 for Omega assets.

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