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Mark of Chaos MP demo

He's literally uncontrollable.

Swing your axes into the tree of demos this weekend and you'll soon find yourself with a multiplayer taster of fantasy RTS, Warhammer: Mark of Chaos.

This meaty monster, weighing in at a slightly porky 1348Mb, features four maps: Balance of Chaos, Blood on the Snow, Castle of the Gods, and General Conflict - whoever he is. You'll be able to play these in normal, reinforcement or siege modes.

Mark of Chaos, developed by Black Hole, is set in the Warhammer world, and features familiar Skaven, Chaos, Empire and High Elf armies - as well as Orc, Dwarf, Vampire and Goblin races.

Naturally everyone wants to kill each other, with the focus of the game resting on battles rather than resource management unlike other strategy titles. Command heroes and champions, then customise your army before splattering ketchup everywhere in great big punch-ups.

The game launched late last year to middle-of-the-road reviews. Mark of Six you might say. There's a previously released singleplayer demo you might want to consider, or you can drown in the sheer volume of assets available on our gamepage.

Go on then, fantasy face, go get the new demo - and make sure you read the instructions.

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