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Mario World hits US VC

One of three.

Do you have an American Wii? No! Me either! But Keza does, so let us all grumble unhappily to ourselves about how unfair that is before also noting that Super Mario World is now available on their Virtual Console.

It costs 800 Wii points, and is one of the besterest platform games ever created. If you've never played it, stop what you are doing and do so. (Which, if you're the owner of a PAL Wii, also involves sitting quietly for however many more days we're made to wait. This is your "punishment time".)

Also out on the US VC this week are Vigilante (Turbografx-16, 600 Wii points) and Gain Ground (Mega Drive, 800 Wii points). The latter also forms part of the excellent SEGA Mega Drive Collection reviewed for PlayStation 2 and PSP last week, which we'll persist in mentioning for some time yet I expect. Sorry.

Anyway, look out for PAL Virtual Console additions every Friday.

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