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Madison generator puzzle solution, how to turn on generator in grandpa's basement

How to get the lights back on inside grandpa's house in Madison.

Madison is a first-person horror from indie developer Bloodious Games with a focus on scares, mystery, and puzzles - with the generator puzzle being one of the earliest head-scratchers in the game.

To find the solution to the generator puzzle in Madison, you're going to have to locate grandpa's basement first, so we've covered where to find the generator in the basement and the solution to the correct switch combination below.

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Madison Grandpa's basement location

After exploring the TV room with the safe containing Luca's journal, a door to his grandpa's kitchen and dining room will open. You won't get to explore this area for long, as the power will go out, leaving the house in darkness - except an eerie red glow in some areas.

To turn the power back on, you're going to need to find the generator in grandpa's basement. To locate the generator, walk through the door with the red glow. You should see another door with a picture of Luca's grandparents on it to your right, indicating you're heading the right way.

Walk toward the red glow to find the basement.

Keep walking to the end of this corridor until you spot a set of stairs leading down. This is where grandpa's basement, and the generator, are located.

Madison generator puzzle solution explained

Now that you've found the generator in the basement, you're going to have to solve the switch puzzle located to the left of it.

This involves flicking each of the six switches to the 'off' or 'on' position by pressing up or down. You need to change all six switches to their correct position from left to right, or they will all reset back to their default position, and you'll have to try again.

Unfortunately, we can't provide you with the exact generator puzzle solution in the basement, as the correct position of each switch is randomised for each individual's playthrough.

While trying to solve the puzzle, if you've changed the first switch (B14) to the correct position, you'll then move on to the second one (B15), and must decide to press up or down.

This was our generator puzzle solution, but yours will be different.

If you've guessed correctly, you'll get to move on to the third switch (B16), but if you're guess was wrong, you'll go back to the first. However, now you know the correct switch position for B15 is the opposite of what you changed it to previously. Repeat this process for all six switches to solve the generator puzzle in the basement.

Once the correct puzzle solution has been entered, you'll automatically back out of the puzzle, and can now turn on the generator on your right to switch the lights back on in grandpa's house.

You'll have to interact with the generator after solving the puzzle to turn the lights back on.

If you need help progressing further, you can also check out our crime scene lock solution when you reach the upcoming puzzle.

Best of luck exploring the rest of Madison's creepy corridors...

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