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M.A.C.H for PSP

Vivendi takes to the skies.

When exactly is the best time for a bogey? Why on Earth are animals flying fighter planes? These are important questions that Vivendi wants to answer with its freshly announced PSP game, M.A.C.H.

Welcome to the world of aerial combat and racing, something developer Kuju Entertainment seems to think will be a common theme in the year 2049, at least it will if their vision of unmanned fighter-planes rendering the human touch obsolete proves to be true.

You can, as is trendy, expect to pimp your aircraft, with more than 180 gaudy configurations possible across 11 planes. You'll also face a choice of playing arcade, career, or challenge modes: as well as ad-hoc wireless multiplayer with game-sharing support for up to eight players included.

The game launches first in Japan, in late January, and impressions seem positive.

"We are proud of the accolades M.A.C.H. has received from a highly respected gaming publication such as Weekly Famitsu," said Cindy Cook, chief strategy and marketing officer for Vivendi Games. "This endorsement of M.A.C.H.'s thrilling aerial combat and racing action reinforces our goal of providing an arcade-style gameplay experience that will deliver intense pick-up-and-play excitement for any PSP or flying fan."

Unfortunately it isn't due for release here until spring.

Meanwhile you can dogfight your way over to Eurogamer TV to watch the latest trailer, or glide over to our gallery to admire the fresh screenshots.

For more information visit the game's website.

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