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Lucasfilm Games resurrected as new banner for all Star Wars video games "and beyond"

Will collaborate with "finest studios across the industry".

Lucasfilm is resurrecting the Lucasfilm Games brand as the new home for all its video game properties, including future Star Wars titles "and beyond".

"Lucasfilm's legacy in gaming stretches back decades," says the company in its announcement post, "and with Lucasfilm and the galaxy far, far away entering a new and unprecedented phase of creativity, so will the world of Lucasfilm Games".

The Lucasfilm Games brand has a long and illustrious legacy, of course, being the original name given to the company's gaming division by George Lucas in 1982 - a division that would go on to produce a string of seminal titles, from adventure classics such as the Monkey Island series and Day of the Tentacle to beloved Star Wars games including X-Wing and Jedi Knight.

Lucasfilm Games Sizzle.

Lucasfilm Games was rebranded LucasArts in the 1990s, although that, too, ceased to exist in its capacity as a developer and publisher following Lucasfilm's acquisition by Disney in 2012.

The revived Lucasfilm Games identity will appear on all future Lucasfilm video game titles, which the company says will continue to be "developed in collaboration with the finest studios across the industry." The first game to appear under the banner will likely be Warner Bros' Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, due this spring.

All Lucasfilm Games will come stamped with the logo seen in the trailer of previous Star Wars video games accompanying today's announcement, and social media channels for the brand are now live on Twitter and Facebook. Expect word of future games to be found there.

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