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Looks like Square Enix is opening a new studio in the west

Trademark for Studio Onoma spotted.

Square Enix may be opening a new studio in the west, shortly after selling its previous western studios to Embracer.

Studio Onoma is part of an application on the Canadian Trademarks Database, with the applicant Square Enix Newco.

According to the application, Studio Onoma will both develop and publish video game software, in addition to working on merchandise like strategy guides, posters, clothing, toys, and action figures.

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The address of the applicant - Square Enix Newco - is based in London, UK, notes VGC. According to Companies House, this company was incorporated on 19th April 2022 as a publisher of computer games.

It's currently unclear specifically what Studio Onoma might be working on and how it will fit with the rest of Square Enix.

The company sold its western studios and IP - the likes of Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Thief and Legacy of Kain - to Embracer Group back in May for $300m.

Following that, Square Enix revealed plans to establish new studios and acquire others, as part of a financial presentation.

Since then, comments have emerged that Square Enix feared Western studios "cannibalised" sales of Japanese games and is looking to sell stakes in remaining studios to improve capital efficiency.

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