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Looks like Pokémon Go is getting in-game story quests

Willow look at that.

Hidden within Pokémon Go's latest update is a fresh quest system involving the game's human characters.

Don't search for the fanart.

The system looks like it will support multiple quest steps and give a more prominent role to characters such as the game's hunky Professor Willow - who at present doesn't have a lot to do.

Human characters will be given animations for the first time (character expressions for "upset" and "happy" were found by Pokémon Go fans over on the Silph Road subreddit).

Game files suggest these quests can require players to catch Pokémon, spin Pokéstops, hatch eggs, walk their buddy, feed Pokémon in gyms, win gym battles, complete raids and level up - essentially, almost anything in the game.

There's mention of rewards being doled out when you accomplish a quest - although not what they might be. (Some more max revives please Niantic. Kyogre is killing me right now.)

The app update, which is rolling out now on Android and iOS, includes other tweaks which have been publicly detailed already, such as a filter for "Shiny" Pokémon and a redesigned news feed.

The app update comes just a month after Pokémon Go developer Niantic announced it had hired the studio's first editorial role. Could Pokémon Go get proper storylines this year? That would be good Mews indeed.

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