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Loads of footballers are doing Fortnite emotes after scoring goals

L is other people.

Footballers play Fortnite. That's not surprising - pretty much everyone plays Fortnite right now. But it's kind of crazy to see Fortnite bleed into the real world of football - in the form of goal celebrations.

Last night, Atletico Madrid beat Sporting Lisbon 2-0 in the Europa League quarter final first leg. After scoring his side's second goal, French wizard Antoine Griezmann performed Fortnite's Take the L emote. This is what it looks like in Fortnite:

And this is what Antoine Griezmann looks like doing Take the L:

Clearly, Griezmann is a fan of Fortnite, but it turns out he's not the only footballer to drag the game's emotes kicking and screaming onto the real world pitch. Here's Yassin Ayoub of FC Utrecht doing the Take the L:

Cardiff City midfielder Callum Paterson has gained a reputation for doing Fortnite emotes after scoring. He's done The Floss, which didn't originate from Fortnite (it was made famous by The Backpack Kid's star turn on Saturday Night Live) but is an in-game emote, Pure Salt and of course, Take the L.

And here's Paterson saying he's doing it all for the kids.

In the video below we see some Karlsruhe players pretending to pickaxe the goalscorer, who is pretending to be a downed Fortnite player:

For some reason, doing Fortnite emotes as a big thing in the German Bundesliga. Here's a round-up:

Now, the obvious question is whether or not EA Sports will add these dances as goal celebrations in the next FIFA. Of those that originated in Fortnite, if a real life footballer performs them on the pitch, are they then fair game for EA Sports to use in their game? Might we see Take the L in FIFA 19?

If we do, I suspect Take the L will follow the dab as the most infuriating goal celebration all the kids do online. Can't wait.

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